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Solar Panels for Your Home: Domestic and Residential

If you are one of the many household owners who want to save a few hundred quid by making some environment-friendly decisions, then this is for you. We live in uncertain times and saving a bit of useful cash by cutting down the electricity or heating bills is one easy and manageable way that most of us are familiar with. However, we have used CFL light bulbs, recycled our bottles, and even used those smart power trips which automatically turn off electrical appliances when they are not in use or when we are not at home. There must be something more that we can do to protect our wallets from the increasing electrical rates that have plagued so many UK families. And then we heard about the increasing popularity of commercial solar power. Solar energy is there and it must be cheap, right? It is certainly worth investing in.

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A complete domestic solar panel (PV panel) is made up of many individual cells. To make this easier on ourselves, it’s best to talk about solar cell kits and these are usually rated at 1.75 Watts. These cells are in turn wired up in series to make a domestic PV panel. At Portsmouth Solar we are here to help find what is right for you and your property.

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There are many benefits of installing domestic PV solar panels on a building. The green power that they generate helps to prevent the over-reliance on fossil fuels that is leading to climate change, and they can also help to save money by avoiding the energy price increases which are becoming so frequent.

Electricity prices are constantly going up, and in this new age of austerity households are increasingly feeling the pinch. PV solar panels allow households to enjoy increased independence from the power providers to save money, and they can also enjoy the financial benefits offered by the feed-in tariffs.

At the same time, solar power is an excellent way to help households achieve their own green objectives, and with little maintenance required to look after solar panels, it is a very simple and effective way to lead a greener lifestyle. Sometimes, solar is even the logical and preferred choice, for example nowadays with swimming pool pumps.

The Green Solution for All

Solar power is not designed for one market alone, and it can be used by a number of sectors where it can have many advantages. One of the great things about solar power is that anyone can make use of it, whether in the public, commercial or domestic sector, projects big and small. With so many economic benefits and environmental benefits, it is time you got in touch today and considered installing domestic PV Panels.

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