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Large-scale solar projects and solar farms

At Portsmouth Solar we are here not just to help you with small projects but also to play a vital role in creating significant PV installations on a much larger scale. Solar Panel projects are a preferred form of sustainable energy that’s observed a rise in popularity within the last few years. Conventional crystalline solar goods have been in existence since the 60’s and are still utilized today, but within the past few years, several other solar technologies, like thin-film solar and tracking technologies have popped up offering a variety of new benefits (and restrictions).

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Whether you are a residential homeowner contemplating solar for the roofing of your property, or the national director of facilities for a fortune 500 corporation with distribution and manufacturing centres in each of the 50 counties across the UK, there’s definitely one part of the process of going solar that is certainly crucial; solar systems design.

The more precise and conservative an organisation is, the smaller the estimated production results might be, however wouldn’t you rather know what you’re investing in, than spend money on a certain amount of energy production in advance, and after that realise that you’re actually producing a lot less than what was originally offered.

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When considering a solar installation, it is important to align yourself with a solar integrator like us at Portsmouth Solar that has lots of experience on the solar systems design concept. National commercial solar power organisations have been in the solar photovoltaic business for much more than 25 years. Solar engineering team members like ours internalize all of the various location considerations for your proposed project, and, utilizing software packages like Autocad, they’re able to construct one of the most cost-efficient solar photovoltaic installations and can cope with the construction of large projects.

Experienced solar systems design engineers ought to be working closely with project designers to have an understanding of what location limitations, if any, exist, like we can. This could be anything from the actual surface your proposed system is mounted on (IE: a landfill that is presently settling, where the ground is going to move about slowly), to shading problems from trees on nearby property. They need to have a solid understanding of the building permit codes for the expert having jurisdiction where your solar power installation will likely be installed. If there are fire code setbacks that call for all roof mounted installations to leave a twelve inch circumference at the edge of a roof-mounted installation, then you’ll want to know that, and you should know it in advance, not as the result of an amendment order during the entire development process.

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Most solar systems design engineers utilize one or two national resources to get information about temperature patterns, and pollution concentrations connected to certain geographical sites.

​They should be factoring this knowledge into their planned energy production amounts, so they may competently forecast a system’s energy output for the following 25-30 years.

The significantly more installations a solar systems design engineer has the better. Their completed installations ought to be producing nearly exactly what he or she modeled at the outset of the sales cycle. There are a number of ways to discover if their installations are under or over delivering, this also is among the most crucial metrics to gauge when taking into consideration a solar provider for your commercial or government solar power installation. At Portsmouth Solar we can help you understand the importance of large scale projects, financing them and when it comes to the construction of your project we have experts on hand. Feel free to get in touch today.

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