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Welcome to the home of Portsmouth solar panels! We understand that renewable energy is the future. After all, scientists and societies worldwide are looking for new solutions to the energy crisis. Evidently, using alternatives to traditional energy is vital for humanity to prosper.

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At Portsmouth Solar, we offer a friendly and well-priced holistic PV service. We take care of solar panel installation for domestic and commercial properties. Most important, we’re well known throughout Portsmouth for our professional, friendly and straightforward approach.

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What is Solar Energy?

Let’s look at what solar energy is. Look around and you’ll see the sun’s life-giving energy everywhere. Think about how its rays support the growth of plants, for example. Our central sun star affects the wind. Also, it influences temperatures of regions around our planet. As a matter of fact, it even gives origin to the ocean’s waves!

What is solar energy used for, then? Well, you can use this energy source for almost anything. For instance, you can use panels to collect solar energy that is transformed into current. Then, use it to heat your house. You can generate enough electricity with solar panels to power the vehicle you drive! Basically, this renewable energy form has many uses.

Installing solar panels at your home can make your life easier and cheaper. Plus, solar makes home life more convenient. And it doesn’t have to cost the planet.

What is solar energy used for?

The sun is a powerful and abundant resource. The latest photovoltaic technology means we can harvest its energy. In order to transform it to something useful—like power to heat your house—we use PV. For many, it’s hard to believe that solar power can be as effective as other raw materials—and it’s free!

So, does solar energy have any limitations? To begin with, the sun always shines. But, an often misunderstood fact is that solar panels don’t work when it’s overcast. This simply isn’t true. Your solar panels will produce energy even when it’s cloudy! To summarise, batteries are used to store energy and supply power through dark nights.

What to consider when buying solar panels

First, you need to calculate your monthly usage figures. It’s good to look at the last two years as guidance. This takes into account summer and winter usage. Then, you should decide how many electrical appliances you want solar panels to power. If you decide to power everything, then your last two years of electricity bills come into play. Look at how many kilowatts you used on an average month over the two-year period. Take note of the highest amounts during peak months—this is key. You’ll want a solar panel system that can handle your peak load. Then, you can add more power or wattage so it won’t be strained. With this in mind, you can add appliances to your home in the future without worrying you’ll have enough power.

Calculating output

If you only want to power certain electrical items that take a lot of energy, you need to make a list of the wattage rating. Remember to include each appliance you plan to put on your home PV system. Add up all of the amounts of these appliances and, presto! So, you’ve got a good idea of the electricity you consume monthly with these. Certainly, you should get a system with a little higher output to make sure everything is covered. 

 What is your backup source?

So, what if you want to use your alternative energy system to completely power your home day and night… without using the electrical grid? In that case, you’ll need to install a backup system. On dark dismal days and long nights, solar batteries store excess power. (Power you generated on brighter days.) There are many different batteries available on the market. And, they come in all different sizes, ratings and life spans. Check with us at Portsmouth Solar. We’ll give you recommendations for your type of system.

Types of panels and mounting systems

It’s important to buy from a reputable UK solar panel installation company in the first place. Like—you guessed it—Portsmouth Solar! A company like us will be around to back up your warranty claims. One type of panel is a PV or mono-crystalline panel. They have the best efficiency ratings and are ideal if you have a limited roof or outdoor area to work with. Thin film or amorphous silicon panels have a better look to them. So, they’re good on larger, more visible roof areas.

Mounting Systems

Mounts, brackets, arms, holders, posts, and screws should be stainless steel or aluminium. This is true whether you have a ground-mounted or roof-mounted system. That means that weathering will not be a problem. Basically, you want as heavier a gauge of mounting hardware as is practical. (Naturally, this depends on the placement and weight). Ask us for a spec sheet and compare the different brands to find out what works for you.

What are photovoltaic (PV) systems?

Photovoltaic (PV) systems are any household’s dream—helping you say goodbye to those increasingly expensive electricity bills. Additionally, solar panels provide quick results—you can start generating power straight away! One of the main benefits is saving money. Plus, you’ll be doing your bit towards a sustainable future on planet Earth.

What does photovoltaic mean?

Solar photovoltaics refers to solar cells. They take in the radiation from the sun and convert it into direct current electricity. Direct current is the source of energy that generally feeds the needs of your household. As a result of studies done in the area, solar technology has doubled every two years in the past decade. Photovoltaic efficiency keeps getting better.

Who is Portsmouth Solar?

Portsmouth Solar is a passionate group of renewal energy enthusiasts. We believe in the power of cleaner, greener energy. It’s our mission to help homes and businesses in the Portsmouth area get set up with solar panels. Now, you too can take advantage of this fantastic resource.

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How much do solar panels cost from Portsmouth Solar?

Recent research has led to many breakthroughs in solar energy. By and large, it has decreased the cost of making the switch. For example, panels now use less expensive materials to produce the same power. Basically, they’re more efficient at converting solar radiation to direct current. So, less material is used for the production of energy. As a result, solar panel production costs have reduced.

At Portsmouth Solar, we’re committed to giving the best service and quality products. And, always at a fair price. We support a greener, cleaner, future. Our work with individuals and businesses supports this goal.

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The uses for photovoltaic solar power in Portsmouth

Now let’s look into the uses for photovoltaic solar power. Simply put, it’s a smart modern way to power your home. Many people tire of paying costly energy bills, which is totally understandable. And when people get fed up, they start looking for alternative energy sources.

These sources can be a variety of different options but two come to mind: wind and sun. The advantage of both is that they will always be there in unlimited amounts! However, the disadvantage is that they’re not always predictable. Many consumers choose solar power over wind power because it’s more reliable. Plus, there is no noise byproduct that can be annoying at least and have health consequences at most.

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Solar on-the-go

Looking into alternative energy solutions? The good news is you don’t necessarily need to wire your entire home with a complex system and a backup power supply. You can invest in separate pieces that aren’t such a large investment. The range of products that use photovoltaic energy is quite diverse and includes items such as mobile phone chargers and car battery chargers. So, if you drive a camper van or RV, PV you can often install panels to give you a reliable power source wherever you are! Portable and foldable panels are also growing in popularity. Because of that, you can now harness the sun’s potential on the go!

Smart Export Guarantee (SEG)

A lot of photovoltaic solar power production comes from new buildings. Usually, they’re connected to the local power grid. Tying these systems into the grid offers a backup power solution. Also, you can sell any surplus that you generated back to your utility company. Markedly, it can be financially rewarding.​

Photovoltaics have been a valuable source of energy for years already. And, it will continue to be for years to come. Without doubt, it’s increasing in popularity, commonality, and availability. The product range is diverse, and the science involved in the field is expanding.

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Understanding how photovoltaic works is crucial to implementing a solar energy solution in your home.

It’s helpful to understand how photovoltaics work before installing solar panels at home.
At Portsmouth Solar, we can help you with everything you need to know. We’re experts at solar panel design, structure, installation, and aftercare too.

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